Study at JCU FAQs – Academic Calendar Refresh

FAQs – Academic Calendar Refresh

FAQs – Academic Calendar Refresh

The refreshed academic calendar is a three-tier calendar comprised of semesters, carousels (short-form study periods), and trimesters, with the latter being the primary model to be used by most courses. This approach simplifies and aligns the number, length, and timing of study periods across all JCU locations.

Trimesters give students increased opportunities for mobility in Australia and overseas, and more options to accelerate their degree and balance work/life/study.

Carousels are shorter, six-to-seven-week intensive study periods. They will also be in place and aligned to trimesters as part of the calendar refresh. Carousels have the potential to enable multiple student intakes across the calendar year.

The refreshed academic calendar aligns JCU campuses which increases the opportunity for shared study experiences and allows greater mobility (inter-campus exchange program and student exchange program) between campuses.

What are the new intakes called? What are the months?

  • Trimester intakes: January*, May, and September
  • Carousels intake: March, July, November
  • ELPP intakes: March, July, November
  • Semester intakes: February (Clinical Psychology)
  • Higher Degree by Research intakes: January, July
  • *For 2024, it will be in February

Study load and entry

New students enrolling in carousels will study up to 2 subjects and upon successful completion will transition to the next trimester and complete the rest of the subjects in the trimester, e.g. commence Carousel in July 2024, and upon successful completion transition to the September trimester.

New students commencing in trimesters will continue with trimesters mode throughout the course of their study.

For current student

I am a current student, what do the changes mean to me?

There is no change in your degree or the subjects. You will continue to study the planned number of subjects every study period (trimester).  In the refreshed academic calendar, the three trimesters will commence and finish in the same year. The first trimester in 2024 will commence in mid-February and the third trimester will finish by mid-December the same year. There will be a block holiday between mid-December and January the following year.

Are there any changes to the duration of my study, regardless of the program that I take (e.g. ELPP, Bachelor)?

There is no extension to the overall duration of your study. You will complete your course within the duration agreed in your current student contract.

What does the transition plan look like to move to the refreshed calendar?

Changes specific to study periods are:

  • SP 53 2023: The trimester will commence in early November as per plan and will end earlier before the Lunar New Year break in mid-February 2024
  • SP 51 2024: The trimester will commence early in mid-February 2024 and end in April in time for the second trimester commencing in mid-May 2024.

This transition plan has been created to lessen disruption to your studies.

Will I still be able to graduate as planned?

Yes, you will graduate as planned or earlier (subject to completion of academic requirements). Graduation dates are being finalized.

When will this change be effective?

The refreshed academic calendar is effective from SP51 February 2024.

Are there any changes to the number of subjects that I will be taking? Are there any changes to the structure of the course?

There will be no changes to the total number of subjects or course structures, due to the refreshed academic calendar.

Are there any changes to the mode of study?

There is no change to your mode of study. You will study the same course and the planned subjects. There is no change in the contact hours.

Will there be any changes to course fees due to the change to the academic calendar?

The total course fee payable remains as per your current contract. There may be a change in the due date of the fee instalment to align with the revised trimester start date.

What impact will this have on my attendance?

There is no change in the attendance policy.

All international students holding a valid Student’s Pass are required to meet the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) requirement of 90% Class and Campus attendance. International Students are required to be on campus from Monday to Friday (except Trimester breaks, study breaks and Public Holidays) for a minimum of three (3) hours daily as per ICA’s regulations.

All Domestic students are required to meet the attendance requirement of 75%.

What is the impact on my Student’s Pass?

International students should follow their study plan and complete their studies in the time frame permitted.
For more details on the terms and conditions of your Student’s Pass, please refer to:

I am taking the ELPP program now, will this have any impact on the course that I will be taking later?

There is no change in the ELPP calendar. SP 91 to SP 93 remain as they are. Students will move from one level to another level as per the contract.

ELPP students progressing to the destination course at the end of SP 93 2023 will join SP 82 in March 2024 (Carousel 2).

ELPP students progressing to the next level at the end of SP 93 2023 will join SP 91 in March 2024.

What are the new opportunities for me in the refreshed academic calendar?

With the refreshed academic calendar, it is easier for students to apply and study for the Inter-campus Exchange Program (IEP) and Student Exchange Program to enhance their global learning experience.

The IEP terms and conditions remain the same as per the link

With Refreshed Academic calendar, students can plan their subject enrolments during IEP more efficiently. This means that there will be no unnecessary gap/s between trimesters of various other campuses. The trimesters across all Townsville/Cairns/Singapore campuses will be aligned due to refreshed academic Calendar and therefore subject enrolment plan during IEP and when they return to Singapore is seamless.

Who can I contact for clarification?

Students are encouraged to approach the Student Ambassadors at the One-Stop Center for clarifications. Students may also email the team at [email protected] or reach us at 6709 3688.

Where can I have access to the refreshed academic calendar?

The refreshed academic calendar will be available at the JCU Singapore website at the following link