Intercampus Exchange Program

Intercampus Exchange Program

What is the program about?

The program is a great opportunity for students to spend up to two semesters at our Townsville and Cairns campuses in Australia. You will remain a Singapore-campus student. Students will study in Australia for I or 2 terms. (Semester or Trimester)

Note: Inter-Campus Mobility Program has now been renamed to Intercampus Exchange program

How does the program work?

You will remain a Singapore student and therefore pay fees in Singapore except for health insurance which must be paid through the Townsville/Cairns campuses.

You could spend a maximum of 2 semesters in Australia. If you choose to extend your semester you will need to formally transfer to the Australian campus and pay fees in Australian currency.

This program is available for all students except for the following. All mobility application received will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Programs not available for Intercampus Exchange Program
English Language Preparatory Program, Pre – University Foundation Program, Pre – University Foundation Program Extended
Diploma of Higher Education
Graduate Certificate of Psychological Science
Graduate Diploma of Psychology
Bachelor of Cybersecurity
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events
Master of Guidance and Counselling
Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management
Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management – Master of Business Administration
Master of Psychological Science (Majoring in Business Psychology)


The candidate must :

  • Have completed at least 12 credit points (usually 4 modules)
  • Have an academic standing as “Satisfactory”
  • Be continuing the same course of study and majors at the proposed Host Campus
  • Not be a Student Debtor
  • Be able to qualify for an Australian visa

Issues for you to be aware of

  • On-campus accommodation are provided by the University and 3 other private colleges. Accommodation, flights and visa application charges are to be borne by the student. For more information on each accommodation option, please click here.
  • The cost of on-campus accommodation normally ranges from $200 to $384 per week. It varies depending on which accommodation is selected, and if air-conditioning and food are included. For more information on the costs, please click here.
  • Other off-campus accommodation options are available in Townsville.
  • You may need to make some changes to your study plan (academic counselling prior to leaving Singapore is compulsory).
  • For international students, your student pass will be cancelled and we will need to apply for a new student pass when you return to Singapore.
  • Information sessions will be provided for a seamless transition between campuses.
  • Visa requirement includes proof of English capacity and financial capacity.

Cost of living

Below is the estimated costs for food, rent, travel and other expenses during your stay in Australia on a weekly basis. All costs are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are subject to change.

Approximate living costs Townsville/Cairns AUD
Rent (based on triple sharing an apartment or house) $100 - $130
Food $100
Electricity $30
Transport/Travel $25 - $30
Miscellaneous $50
Total per week $305 - $340