Digital Readiness

Digital Readiness

General guidelines and minimum systems requirements for online and blended learning at the Singapore campus of James Cook University. Make sure to get set for an online learning journey without technical glitches to make it the best possible experience for yourself and others.

Device Check


Mac/PC: Windows 10 or MAC OS 10.10

Tablet: iOS (7.0) and Android (4.2) – Depending on the device. Best when paired with a keyboard

Smartphone: iOS (7.0) and Android (4.2) – Depending on the device.

  • Anti-virus program (regularly updated)
  • Microphone and Speakers
  • Web Camera
  • Memory 8GB RAM
  • Storage 500 GB internal storage drive

Browser Check (We recommend using Chrome or Firefox)


Use the browser checker to check whether the browser supports the most recent release of Blackboard Learn. Opening this page checks whether your browser supports the most recent release of Blackboard Learn.

Clear the cache of your web browser. Occasionally your browser will load your cached info instead of the page that you are trying to view. Clearing the cache will make sure to keep the information current.

Make sure your browser allows third-party cookies. If 3rd party cookies must be disabled, most browsers allow for domain exceptions to be added. Please Allow [*.] (Chrome) or (Firefox).

Check the browser settings

Internet Check


Perform Broadband Performance Test (must select the location).

The rate at which you can receive data should exceed 4 Mbps (megabits per second). The higher the better.

Software Check


While studying at JCU, you will have access to Microsoft Office 365 which includes: email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and Office online. You will need Office tools for your assignments and to collaborate with other JCU students. All emails from JCU will be sent to your JCU email address so check it often.

Visit to download and install Microsoft Office 365

Install and set up VPN
VPN provides secure remote access to University network for accessing file shares and other internal systems. Mainland China students please contact your Student Ambassador to apply for Alibaba account set up if required (conditions apply).