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Discover how hawker centres impact community wellbeing in Singapore
Wed, 8 Mar 2023
Research examines how the use of social spaces, namely hawker centres, has contributed to community wellbeing in Singapore during the COVID‐19 pandemic.

SEIGOP 2023 Conference at James Cook University, Singapore addresses key global challenges
Wed, 8 Mar 2023
The SEIGOP 2023 Conference aimed to create a platform for academics, researchers, industry practitioners and students to share their research on sustainability, organisational psychology, and more with other global experts.

Hikikomori risk factors linked to social withdrawal tendencies among young adults in Singapore
Thu, 2 Mar 2023
Individuals who feel like they do not fit in — because of depression, supressing emotions, or more — may be more likely to withdraw from society.

Fear of death may motivate us to play games excessively
Wed, 18 Jan 2023
A new study examines our fear of death as an unconscious motivation for gaming.

Indigenous leader elected as JCU’s next Chancellor
Fri, 13 Jan 2023
A passionate advocate for better Indigenous health outcomes and one of the nation’s first Indigenous medical graduates, Professor Ngiare Brown, has been named the next Chancellor of James Cook University. She will be JCU’s first female and first Indigenous Chancellor.

A growing economy increases carbon emissions
Thu, 22 Dec 2022
Developing economies are an important engine of world economic growth. However, ensuring the quality of environmental assets is maintained amid rapid economic change remains a major challenge for most developing countries.

James Cook University in Singapore inks Memorandum of Understanding with Umami Meats
Fri, 16 Dec 2022
James Cook University in Singapore and Umami Meats have agreed to explore research and development in cultivated fish safety and quality.

Top researchers from Singapore and China collaborate in special edition ‘Energies’ journal
Thu, 8 Dec 2022
This special journal issue will tackle the subject of green energy, the circular economy, and other related fields.

JCU IMPACT10X draws innovators from across JCU Campuses
Thu, 8 Dec 2022
The team from James Cook University, Singapore won the Futuristic Technology Award for their idea at the JCU IMPACT10X Sustainability UN SDG Simulator.

Rounding out the end of the year with JCU, Singapore’s second set of in-person graduation ceremonies
Thu, 1 Dec 2022
This graduation will also be the last graduation for Mr Bill Tweddell as Chancellor before he concludes his term.

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