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Apply for Exchange

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  1. Students must complete at least 24 JCU credit points (usually 8 modules) with minimum “Satisfactory” academic standing at the time of application.
  2. Students must not have any outstanding payment at James Cook University at the time of application.
  3. Students must be able to qualify for a visa to study at the destination country of Host institution.
  4. Students must not hold a previous record of academic or disciplinary misconduct or unsatisfactory behavior at James Cook University.

To begin your application process, please check the nomination period information in respective partner university’s fact sheet and contact the International Management Office (IMO) ([email protected]) prior to nomination deadline accordingly. The IMO guides eligible exchange applicants to complete their application process and nominates selected exchange students to partner universities.

Students selected for exchange program can apply to be a Global Experience Ambassador. As an ambassador, you will be awarded a testimonial and certificate recognising your active involvement from pre-exchange to post-exchange program. Global Experience Ambassadors activities may include:

  • Complete a JCU Global experience Ambassador social media checklist.
  • Promote James Cook University at Host university.
  • Share about your overseas experience to your peers upon returning to Singapore.
  1. What are the tuition fees and expenses of a typical exchange nominated student?

    Outbound exchange students from the Singapore campus of James Cook University are exempted from paying tuition fees to the Host institution. Exchange students will continue to follow the original student contract's tuition fee structure of James Cook University, Singapore for their exchange program period at Host institution.

    Outbound exchange students are responsible for all other non-tuition fees required by Host institution. Students are also responsible for their own overseas travel and living expenses. This may include but is not limited to Host institution application fees, visa application fees, flight tickets, accommodation costs, personal daily spending, memberships, insurance costs and etc.

  2. As Host institutions typically operate on semester model, how does this affect my trimester study plan?

    Depending on each individual’s study plan, outbound exchange students should expect that their total study duration will be extended by one or more trimester(s) due to academic calendar differences between trimester and semester systems. The International Management Office (IMO) will indicate to students their projected return date and course completion date to help applicants plan and make an informed decision for outbound exchange.

  3. How will my grades at the Host institution affect my GPA at James Cook University?

    Subject grades from Host institution will not be reflected in James Cook University’s transcript and they are not used to calculate the overall GPA. Students must obtain a passing grade to secure equivalent credits at James Cook University.

  4. Will James Cook University help me with visa applications and pre-departure issues before I commence my exchange program at Host institution?
  5. The International Management Office (IMO) will guide and assist outbound exchange students together with the coordinator from Host institution. However, outbound exchange students must take full responsibility for securing visa/permit to study, meeting financial and communications obligations, fulfilling accommodation, academic, personal health, and safety responsibilities.