Newsroom Highlights from JCU’s 12th Annual Partners Conference

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Highlights from JCU’s 12th Annual Partners Conference

Media Releases

Tue, 9 Feb 2021
Highlights from JCU’s 12th Annual Partners Conference
Partner Conference 2021

This year’s Partners Conference saw a mix of online and offline events where permissible, as JCU continues to connect and engage with partners worldwide.

James Cook University (JCU) in Singapore held the 12th edition of its Annual Partners Conference on 20-29 January 2021. The conference allows JCU to connect with its top partners from around the globe, to celebrate their contributions while sharing updates on the University’s progress.

Normally, the Partners Conference would gather JCU’s global partners on the Singapore campus for an opportunity to network and share ideas, in addition to discovering the various environments and facilities on campus. However, taking careful consideration of the concerns surrounding the pandemic, this year’s conference took place virtually, as well as physically where permissible, with appropriate safety measures in place.

Professor Chris Rudd OBE, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Head of Campus, Singapore at James Cook University, said in the online launch video, “Although uncertainty continues, the launch of mass vaccinations and the accompanying economic recovery gives us reasons for optimism that 2021 will see a strong bounce back to another bumper year for James Cook University in Singapore.”

“I say that with some confidence because despite the difficulties and challenges that 2020 kept throwing at us – by working together, we continued to deliver throughout the pandemic. We kept our students safe; we invested in high-quality blended learning and online student support. We supported our partners, knowing that their business survival was closely linked to our own success.”

For the Singapore and China markets, local partners were invited to the Singapore campus where separate sessions for the two markets were held to share updates on regional recruitment efforts and market support.

In Vietnam, in-person events were held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, where partners connected with key members from JCU in Singapore virtually, and observed alumni sharing sessions from Vietnam.

Partners from India, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Central Asia, South Korea, and Thailand were invited to join the conference virtually through online sessions for each respective market. In these sessions, partners were engaged in various activities such as listening to student testimonials, observing live demonstrations relating to aquaculture, partaking in games and quizzes, and participating in a virtual campus tour.

Similarly, the European market joined the conference virtually, in a session focused on the theme of “Tech”. Partners were taken on a virtual tour of “the Silicon Valley of Singapore, One-north,” and discover the many exciting technological, entrepreneurial projects in Singapore. This vision for the future is shared by JCU as the University continues to expand in areas of education focused on technology.

Across the various markets, JCU also shared updates on the launch of new programs in the fields of Data Science, Cybersecurity, Economics, and more. These programs help ensure that JCU remains at the cutting edge, while preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow.

Mr Andrew Chew, Director of Marketing at James Cook University in Singapore, said, “To all our partners, thank you for attending our 12th Annual Partners Conference. It was great to see you online. And for local partners, great to welcome you back to our campus – even though it was a much smaller group in line with safe management measures. We achieved remarkable results for what was a very challenging 2020, a very clear testament to partnering for success, so thank you for your support.”

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