Naomi Clark-Shen

Naomi Clark-Shen

Naomi Clark-Shen



  • MSc Marine Science (Honours), University Of Plymouth, UK, 2012-2013
  • BSc Animal Behaviour (Honours), Exeter University, UK, 2009-2012


Naomi Clark-Shen studies the life-history (age-growth) and ecology (diet) of small-bodied sharks and stingrays caught by fisheries in Southeast Asia. Her PhD focuses on the blackspot shark and bluespotted maskray, which are commonly caught as bycatch in the region. Outside of her PhD, Naomi co-leads an independent project at Singapore’s fishery ports, collecting data on imported and locally caught sharks and rays. She is also a consultant for shark, ray and seafood projects under WWF-Singapore. Past work experiences include working for NGOs (WWF, The Dorsal Effect), animal advocacy (ACRES), and private diplomacy (Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue) organisations.

Thesis Title

Life history, ecology and fisheries impact on the blackspot shark (Carcharhinus sealei), Indonesian whaler shark (Carcharhinus tjutjot) and Bluespotted maskray (Neotrygon orientalis and N. varidens): implications for conservation and management

Advisory Panel

Primary: Dr Neil Hutchinson, Secondary: Dr Andrew Chin, Advisor Mentor: Prof Dean Jerry

Research Interests

  • Life-history and ecology of sharks and stingrays in Southeast Asia
  • Fisheries impacts on sharks and stingrays in Southeast Asia
  • Fish and animal welfare
  • Seafood transparency and traceability in Southeast Asia