Junyi(Angela) Meng

Junyi(Angela) Meng

Junyi(Angela) Meng



  • Juris Master (J.M.), Jiangnan University, China, 2021-2023
  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Kunming Medical University, China, 2017-2021


Junyi was a law student in China specializing in medical law, and she has obtained the Chinese Certificate of the Legal Profession Qualifications. Her international academic experience includes participating in a public health summer program at UC Berkeley in 2019 and engaging in a remote public policy project under Professor Johannes Urpelainen at Johns Hopkins University during 2021-2022. As a student, Junyi undertook legal internships at the Huazhuang People's Court and the Beijing Deheng Law Offices (Wuxi). Her doctoral research at James Cook University Singapore is dedicated to improving the career well-being of white-collar workers, particularly focusing on lawyers.

Thesis Title

Work stress and workaholism in a post-pandemic world: Factors associated with thriving and burnout in white-collar workers

Advisory Panel

Primary Advisor: Prof Nigel V. Marsh, Secondary Advisor: Dr Lidia Suárez, External Advisor: Dr Chad Yip


  • Yunnan University Law Alliance
  • Shanghai Legal Newcomers Mutual Aid Group

Research Interests

  • Workplace Psychology
  • Medical Law
  • Civil and Commercial Law
  • Intellectual Property of Medicine