Yi Xia

Yi Xia

Yi Xia



  • MBA, The University of Newcastle, Australia, 2019-2020
  • BSc Economy, Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance, China, 2008-2012


Mr Xia Yi is a doctoral candidate investigating the role and relevance of social media influencers in the digital economy. He has researched how corporate social responsibility engagements drive consumer–company identification in Singapore, of late published in Sustainability. His PhD program is related to digital influencer marketing and live streaming e-commerce in the Asia region.

Thesis Title

Consumer evaluation and advertising effectiveness in digital influencer marketing and live streaming e-commence

Advisory Panel

Primary: A/Prof Adrian Kuah, Secondary: A/Prof Pengji Wang; Advisor Mentor: A/Prof Sizhong Sun


Research Interests

  • Corporate governance – Consumer reactions to corporate social responsibility engagements.
  • Digital influencer marketing – Potential differences of various social media influencers.
  • Live streaming e-commerce – Impulse buying behaviour of Chinese millennials.