English Language Preparatory Program

English Language Preparatory Program

Course overview

This program has been specifically designed to enable students to develop their language skills for study at James Cook University. It also aims to develop the critical individual learning capabilities required for successful university study.

In terms of language skills, the core texts have a focus on macro-skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, and these are supplemented by academic literacy skills. For example, in all levels students must carry out presentations on a regular basis, ending up with an academic presentation on Level 3.

The students’ ability to learn independently is developed over the program, with students being asked to complete greater amounts of coursework on an autonomous basis as they move through the program. For example, Level 3 students will spend 12 weeks honing their academic and language skills through classwork, individual tutorials and self-directed study, culminating in a 1500 word essay and academic presentation on the topic.

Critical thinking is also strongly encouraged, with students being required to form opinions on a range of subjects and express these arguments in both written and spoken form

Students intending to do a Master’s degree develop their academic language skills in level 4, which is designed to enable students to advanced their level of English language proficiency to an equivalent of IELTS 6.5.

In class, students will engage with contemporary topics of importance to the globalised world, attend lectures, and read and carry out tasks in relation to these topics. Students who successfully complete all their Level 4 assignments, will also be able to apply for 3 credits exemption for their university course.

This program helps students in the following ways:

  • Prepares students for full degree programs at the Singapore campus of James Cook University
  • Enhances students’ abilities in reading, writing, speaking and listening in English
  • Equips students to present information, concepts and ideas on a variety of topics
  • Enables students to express feelings and emotions, exchange opinions and make observations in English
  • Improves students’ writing and research skills

The Singapore campus of James Cook University is quality assured by the National English Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) , a global leader in quality assurance of English language teaching. NEAS endorses English language programs, making certain that they adhere to a broad set of standards covering both teaching and the overall student experience.

James Cook University is the only institution in Singapore to have achieved this quality mark.

Jin Xiao Yang – English Language Preparatory Program


March, July, November
Carousel/Block**: N.A
4 months full time for each level
Study Mode
On campus

**Carousel/Block intakes are for commencing students only, subsequently, students will progress with the trimester.


Study Program / Learning Outcomes


  • Understand simple reading texts on familiar topics
  • Produce short texts on familiar topics using simple sentence structures
  • Understand short listening texts on familiar topics
  • Talk about familiar topics using simple language

Level 1

  • Describe familiar topics such as, origin, families, likes and dislikes and hobbies
  • Engage in everyday situations independently and comfortably in English
  • Understand and use a range of grammatical forms and be able to logically connect ideas to create basic cohesive texts
  • Derive meaning from and perform simple analysis of short reading and listening passages

Level 2

  • Speak logically and clearly on a variety of topics in an organised and confident manner
  • Summarise and paraphrase texts using complex and compound sentences
  • Understand and synthesise spoken and written input
  • Produce cohesive written work on relevant topics using appropriate academic vocabulary
  • Read extensively and critically on general and academic topics

Level 3

  • Demonstrate understanding of a variety of spoken discourse
  • Display critical thinking of academic topics through speech and writing
  • Derive meaning of specific details from different types of discourse
  • Produce academic essays, following Australian university conventions
  • Read academic texts, using appropriate reading techniques

Level 4

  • Demonstrate understanding of key issues of importance in the globalised world
  • Demonstrate practical oral skills through presentations
  • Locate and analyse information from a range of resources
  • Understand, analyse and present arguments on a range of issues
  • Demonstrate understanding of spoken academic discourse
  • Produce academics essays and reports, using appropriate style and format
  • Select and use contemporary technologies to access, organise, share and communicate information from a broad range of sources, appropriately, efficiently, effectively, ethically and legally

For information on the requirements for successful completion of the program and assessment details, click here.

For a comprehensive listing and outline of the respective course subjects, please click here.

Eligibility & Requirements

Entry Requirements

The academic requirement differ from country to country but in general applicants must have satisfactorily completed 11 years of schoolings or equivalent.

English Entry Requirements

IELTS equivalent of 4.0 as per our placement test or an IELTS test result

Exit Requirement

  • Completion of this course with a satisfactory result is a pathway to tertiary programs
  • Successful completion of Level 2 of the ELPP – Pre University Foundation Program
  • Successful completion of Level 2 of the ELPP with a score of 75% - Diploma Programs
  • Completion of Level 3 of the ELPP with a score of 55% - Diploma Programs
  • Successful completion of Level 3 of the ELPP - Band 1 tertiary courses
  • Successful completion of Level 4 of the ELPP - Band 2 tertiary courses

Attendance Requirements

International students holding a valid Student’s Pass are required to attend at least 90% of scheduled classes per month. Failure to attend classes is a breach of the student visa conditions. Being absent from classes for a continuous period of seven days or more, or attendance falling below 90% without valid reasons will result in the student needing to surrender their Student's Pass for cancellation.

Domestic students must attend at least 75% of the scheduled lecture and tutorial activities to be eligible for assessment.

Tuition Fees

Domestic** International
S$4,196.50 S$4,305.50

**Fees apply to all Singapore residents (Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and all pass holders excluding those holding a Student Pass).


  • All course fees include the corresponding Singapore Goods and Services Tax (GST), which is 9% in 2024.
  • The details of the instalment breakdown will be provided in your Student Contract. Please contact us for further details

Note: International students in Singapore on a Student Pass are not permitted to work. For more information please visit http://www.ica.gov.sg.

James Cook University is EduTrust Certified. The EduTrust certification scheme is administered by the Committee for Private Education (CPE), a part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). EduTrust requires all students to be covered under a Fee Protection Scheme. In James Cook University, this is provided through an insurance protection scheme. Further, EduTrust also requires that the students must be covered under a medical insurance coverage which has provision for hospitalisation, surgery and treatment costs throughout their course duration. James Cook University will advise in the Standard Student Contract the total amount of insurance payable.

For more details please visit the Committee for Private Education (CPE), a part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) website: https://www.skillsfuture.gov.sg/pei

Although James Cook University endeavours to ensure the accuracy of this information, there is no guarantee it will remain accurate all year. Applicants are advised to confirm program details with the appropriate school before making an application.


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