A Brighter Future Studying in Singapore: Everything you need to know

Studying in Singapore: Everything you need to know

Studying in Singapore: Everything you need to know

Studying in Singapore: Everything you need to know

With its mix of shiny skyscrapers and cultural enclaves, Singapore seems designed for the student looking for a balanced destination to study abroad. Although it is often listed as one of the world’s most expensive cities, with even pop culture appearances in movies like ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, it’s understandable why one might be a little hesitant. Thankfully, Singapore is more welcoming than some of the figures suggest.

Why study in Singapore

With a robust infrastructure and stable political standing, it’s small wonder that in a 2019 Global Competitiveness Report by World Economic Forum, Singapore places first globally — establishing it as the economic powerhouse that it is. But it’s not all just about productivity and work. In a report by Mercer, the island state is the top-ranking city in Asia for best quality of living, even above Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea.

It is Singapore’s vibrant mix of modernity and culture — as well as being an incredibly safe and reliable country to study, work and live in — that has made the country a draw for foreign talents. It is also strategically positioned geographically as a good base to explore other popular cities in the region, such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, and Saigon. With Changi Airport often ranked top in global lists, exploring beyond its shores is an efficient affair.

Singapore is also known for its high-quality education system. In fact, the country has been ranked as the second top country in the world for education by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). This is part of the reason why universities like James Cook University (JCU) have established campuses here.

Singapore boasts a multi-ethnic society. That said, English remains its primary language, which makes it that much easier for many international students. From public transport to retail and attractions, you’ll find signs mostly in English, which also makes it easier to navigate. Because of this unified language in communication, it is an incredible opportunity for students studying in Singapore to experience different cultures easily. The diverse population includes Chinese, Malays, and Indians, allowing students to gain different cultural perspectives by both interacting with the locals as well as their international peers at schools like JCU.

Most importantly, while Singapore’s cost of living may be high, there are always budget options to be easily found. Hawker centres and local coffee shops can offer meals for as little as $3. Some attractions, like Gardens by the Bay, Pulau Ubin or Sentosa, are all free to enter. As a student, one can also expect discounts from tickets to museums, or fees to cinemas, exhibitions, and more.

An education in Singapore with James Cook University (JCU)

The JCU Study Abroad Programme in Singapore enables students to ease into this Asian hub while receiving a high-quality Australian education, with varied programs that can fit a term of your choice. One can opt for a one-trimester programme lasting four months, or a two-trimester one lasting eight; while earning credits towards their home institution degree in the process.

Because of Singapore’s excellent education environment, there are also plenty of courses one can choose from. Ranked as one of the top 2% of universities in the world, JCU offers a study abroad programme that can add value to your degree in a wide range of study areas.

The areas of study you can explore when studying in Singapore

Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science

Bachelor of Cybersecurity

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Psychology Studies)

Bachelor of Psychological Science

Bachelor of Science (Majoring in Internet of Things)

Master of Business Administration

Master of Information Technology (Majoring in Computing)

Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Master of Psychological Science (Majoring in Business Psychology)

Why the JCU Study Abroad programme is preferred when studying in Singapore

Students who choose JCU can expect a high-quality Australian education with full-time academics holding PhD qualifications. JCU also holds the honour of being the first organisation to attain an Edutrust Star in 2015 and obtained the same award in 2019 and 2023 — recognising quality and reliable education. Owing to the campus’s central neighbourhood, one can have easy access to what Singapore has to offer. The University also offers a wide variety of interest groups and passion clubs for students to participate in and connect with each other. There are even special clubs where students from Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, or Korea can find familiar companies from people back home.

JCU will also assist students with their visits, and help with queries including those regarding accommodation, where off-campus hostels and apartments are available. One can expect to pay about S$1,800 a month for an average fee that covers accommodation, utilities, food, public transport, telecommunications, books and stationery, and personal expenses.

Most importantly, the school aims to provide a holistic experience for students who choose the JCU Study Abroad programme. After all, the best part about studying abroad in Singapore is not just the learning that happens on campus, but also that which lies outside of it.

Realise your dream of studying in Singapore with the JCU Study Abroad programme. Find out details on fees, requirements and more here.

Published 8 Aug 2023