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About Us

We provide assistance to students to make their learning more enjoyable and effective. We work with students to help them succeed in their studies and beyond. We are a team of five: four of us offer Academic Skills support while one of us offers Mathematics and Statistics support.

Our Key Services

We aim to develop students’ skills necessary for success in their subjects and beyond. To realise this, we offer the following services:

C1-01: Learning Zone

Learning Support workshops, EMAS peer tutoring sessions and English Club sessions, are conducted in C1-01: Learning Zone. Except during public holidays, a resident learning support advisor is in the Learning Zone from weeks 1-10 of the study period, Mon-Fri, 10AM-12Noon and 1-3PM. Alternatively, you can reach us via email (learningsupport-singapore@jcu.edu.au) or Skype (add us on Skype @Learning Support JCU Singapore) if the schedule doesn’t work for you.

Weekly workshops

Learning Support is conducting nine weeks of Academic Skills and Statistics skills workshops to help James Cook University Singapore students develop their thinking, writing and statistics skills. Please see schedule below.

The workshops are free, and are open to James Cook University Singapore students only.

No pre-registration required. For more information click on the events listed or email learningsupport-singapore@jcu.edu.au

Venue: C1-01, unless otherwise stated
Time: 3pm - 5pm

Date Title Venue Time
Tuesday, Aug 21 Citing, Not Copying
Tuesday, Aug 28 Acing your Oral Presentation
Wednesday, Aug 29 Acing your Oral Presentation
Tuesday, Sep 4 Open Consultation with LS Advisers and EMAS Peer Tutors
Wednesday, Sep 5 Open Consultation with LS Advisers and EMAS Peer Tutors
Tuesday, Sep 11 Open Consultation with LS Advisers and EMAS Peer Tutors
Wednesday, Sep 12 Open Consultation with LS Advisers and EMAS Peer Tutors

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Small group and individual face-to-face consultation with students

We welcome opportunities to work with students, individually or in a group, who have specific learning needs. Students can request appointments through email or drop-in. Drop-in requests can be done through the reception desk at the Student Hub, ground floor, Block C or directly at C1-01 Learning Zone, Mon-Fri, 10AM-12Noon and 1-3PM.

Customised language help for an entire class

These workshops prepare students for particular writing assignments. Lecturers and/or tutors can contact us to request in-lecture workshops tailored to specific subject needs. The duration of workshops is slated at 30 minutes. However, workshops can be conducted outside class hours as well. Lecturers/tutors should get approval from their heads of academic group for workshops that need more than 30 minutes. After the workshops, lecturers share our PowerPoint slides or Prezi links with students on LearnJCU.

Specialised statistics consultation with JCU students and staff

The learning support advisor for Mathematics and Statistics is available to students who need assistance in the analysis and interpretation of data in their theses or research projects. This complements the supervision they get from their thesis advisors. The Mathematics and Statistics learning support advisor is also available to academic staff who need similar research-related assistance.

English Club for ELPP students

English Club, located at C1-01 Learning Zone, is a place for ELPP students to get help with English language matters. A resident learning support advisor for English is on board to answer students’ questions about English. The learning support advisor also runs sessions to support ELPP students who have failed exams or are repeating levels. In addition, the learning support advisor:

  1. conducts workshops along with ELPP teachers on topics such as reading and pronunciation,
  2. works with ELPP teachers who have concerns about their students’ language skills, and
  3. participates in orientation by conducting activities to welcome newcomers to ELPP.

Technical and/or technology support to students

We can help with formatting a Word document in APA, creating graphs and tables in Word, using Google drive and OneDrive for collaborative projects, using PowerPoint and Prezi for presentations, using MS Excel and SPSS to present and analyse data, using Qualtrics to design survey questionnaires, using Skype to enhance online collaboration and optimising students' use of their laptops for learning purposes.

Student-Run Programs That We Facilitate

We value the potential that James Cook University Singapore students have and the impact they can make on the lives of other students in the university. Towards this end, the programs that we facilitate are the following:

EMAS (means “gold” in Malay) peer tutoring program

EMAS peer tutoring runs from Week 2 to Week 9 of the study period and is open to all students. The EMAS peer tutors who run this program assist students who need help with English, Mathematics, Accounting and Finance, Statistics and IT. The main goal is to help students become academically successful. The peer tutors are recommended by lecturers and tutors and we train them to guide students in their learning. Students who are unable to go for the peer tutoring sessions can submit requests for ad-hoc sessions at jcu.sg/emasrequest. Subject to peer tutor availability, the requests will be attended to within 2-3 working days.

This is the schedule for Peer Tutoring help:

Mon 20 August
(3 - 6PM)
Accounting & Finance C1-01
Thu 23 August
(3 - 6PM)
English, IT C1-01
Fri 24 August
(3 - 6PM)
Mathematics & Statistics C1-01
Mon 27 August
(3 - 6PM)
Accounting & Finance C1-01
Thu 30 August
(3 - 6PM)
English, IT C1-01
Fri 31 August
(3 - 6PM)
Mathematics & Statistics C1-01
Mon 3 September
(3 - 6PM)
Accounting & Finance C1-01
Thu 6 September
(3 - 6PM)
English, IT C1-01
Fri 7 September
(3 - 6PM)
Mathematics & Statistics C1-01
Mon 10 September
(3 - 6PM)
Accounting & Finance C1-01
Thu 13 September
(3 - 6PM)
English, IT C1-01
Fri 14 September
(3 - 6PM)
Mathematics & Statistics C1-01

Peer tutors will not be available for tutoring help from 20 May 2018 as they will be preparing for their own exams.

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Mateship program

The Mateship program seeks to welcome new students and to help them settle down and be comfortable studying in James Cook University Singapore. In the Mateship program, veteran students (mates) help their new friends (joeys) become acquainted with life at James Cook University Singapore in particular, and Singapore in general. Mates demonstrate that James Cook University Singapore is a friendly, exciting place to be. Being a mate provides important training in leadership and social interaction skills. Each mate is assigned a small number of joeys to befriend. The mates are involved during Orientation Week. The Mateship program is student-run. New mates are most welcome. The mates are on Facebook and they can be contacted at jcumates@gmail.com.

Our Online Services

We want students to receive the support they need to optimise their learning. We are a dynamic team that adapts to students’ current contexts. Thus, we offer the following types of online services:

Assistance via email

Students can send to us their assignment drafts or questions at learningsupport-singapore@jcu.edu.au. We endeavour to provide feedback in our teach-them-to-grow-rice style within 1-2 working days. Feedback is provided through comments and Track Changes functions in MS Word or Google docs.

Assistance via Skype

Students can have individual consultations with a learning support advisor via Skype. Just send us a Skype request @ Learning Support JCU Singapore so that we can add you to our Skype contacts. Then email us at learningsupport-singapore@jcu.edu.au to request a Skype appointment.

Learning Support YouTube channel

We have a YouTube channel that provides quick answers to questions on APA referencing and formatting, essay writing, oral presentations and other topics. With these videos, students can work remotely. Visit jcu.sg/learningsupportvideo

Optimising Students’ Academic Experience

At James Cook University Singapore, we see to it that we are a catalyst for change. We endeavour to assist students in overcoming their academic difficulties through various means including but not limited to the following:

Administering the PELA

For incoming students Bachelor of Business students and Foundation Students, we administer a discipline-specific and argumentative Post-Entry Language Assessment (PELA) which aims to determine students’ entry level of their English writing skills. We mark the PELA and advise the Office of Admission, Enrolment and Examination that Band 3 students (At-risk) be encouraged to undertake CU1000: English for Academic Purposes as an elective, and to attend the academic skills workshops that are conducted by Learning Support.

Find out more about the PELA

PELA Report 2017 and New Argumentative PELA

Assistance to students with academic progression issues

We work with the Office of Admission, Enrolment and Examination to guide students who are in need of special assistance. (e.g., students repeating or failing their subjects). Our goal is to enable them to be more hands-on in their own learning.


  • We advise students on issues they have in writing their assignments.
  • We advise students on statistics procedures they would like to run and assist them in the interpretation of their data.
  • We guide students to discover their errors for themselves in order to cultivate independent and self-regulated learning.
  • We cultivate the skill of having students self-instruct themselves so they can become autonomous learners.
  • We teach necessary skills to enable students to be successful in their journey of lifelong learning.

Our Philosophy

Give people a bowl of rice and they will eat for a day; teach them how to grow rice and they will eat for a lifetime.

Students who seek assistance on software/hardware issues should contact IT helpdesk in JCU Australia at ithelpdesk@jcu.edu.au For eduroam, access to LearnJCU and software issues in classrooms, they should visit JCU Singapore’s ICT office or email them at itr-singapore@jcu.edu.au.

To overcome learning disabilities, students are advised to visit the Psychology Clinic.

It is always the students’ responsibility to work on and complete their projects and assignments.

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